Holocene paleoglaciation in Patagonia

I am currently developing chronologies of Holocene glacier fluctuations for a series of small mountain glaciers between 46° - 55°S in South America. The objective is to use high-precision beryllium-10 surface exposure dating of moraines to better constrain the degree of regional symmetry in glacier response to climate forcings. Not only is this project the core of my doctoral research, it is also part of a larger effort to better clarify the nature of Patagonian climate variability, led principally by South American researchers.

This resarch is supported by the Millenium Nucleus Center - Paleoclimatology of the Southern Hemisphere, FONDECYT-Iniciación11121280, CONICYT Proyecto de Colaboración Internacional USA-2013-0035, and the LDEO Cosmogenic Nuclide Group at Columbia University.