I am a geologist, science educator, and current doctoral candidate (geology) at the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics, University of Chile.

My current line of research utilizes geologic techniques to decipher past climate changes. I am principally focused on glaciers in southern Patagonia and their potential response to shifting modes of climate variability throughout the Holocene. To this end, I employ a combination of field geology and geochronology, including terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide surface exposure dating, radiocarbon dating, dendrochronology, and stratigraphy. I am particularly interested in deconstructing the northern hemispheric bias of paleoclimate literature, and analyzing the effect this has had on climate change discourse.

Future goals involve ELA reconstructions of dated paleoglacier systems, with the ultimate goal of utilizing numerical models to evaluate the complex interactions between topography and surface energy mass balance over geologic time. In addition, I intend to expand the record of paleoglacier fluctuations northward towards the central Chilean and Argentinean Andes. Through this work, I hope to add to the utility of the paleoglacier record to studies of past climate.

I also have prior experience with geochronology applied to neotectonics and arid landscape evolution, as well as climate-tectonic-geomorphic feedbacks. Other research interests involve neotectonics in central Chile, the potential relationship between deglaciation and volcanism, hazards associated with changing climate, and cultural impacts on urban air pollution.

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